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Power Consulting Solutions, Inc.

Randy Corn

Randy Corn

34 Years Experience as an Executive Outage Engineering Leader, Manufacturing Leader in Gas Turbines , Operations, and certified welder

  • 26 Years with General Electric’s Power Division

  • Manager, Outage Engineering

  • Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Generator, Oil & Gas, & Wind Speciality Tooling Development

  • Six-Sigma Black-Belt Certified

  • 12+ years as certified welder in all positions, using x-ray on super alloys & all common alloyed materials

  • Stanford D-School, Institute of Design Graduate

  • Awarded 8 Innovation awards for outage productivity at GE

  • Graduate of GE Manager Development Course, Crotonville, NY

  • Foothills Welding Technology – Associates (Graduated top in class)

  • BSBA Southern Wesleyan University, Mechanical Engineering Greenville Technical College

  • Enjoy the Challenges of Repairing All Things Mechanical


Leader & consultant with extensive experience in Gas Turbine onsite processes including GE compressor & HGP upgrades, specializing in maintenance operation improvements that reduce outage cost.  Significant knowledge in Steam Turbine (including Nuclear), Generators, Oil & Gas equipment, and Wind Turbine outage productivity. Extensive knowledge in specialty tooling design, development, and industrialization on Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Generators, and Wind Turbines. Emphasis on Gas Turbine outage optimization including cycle, cost, quality, and safe work practices. Significant experience leading large engineering and hourly manufacturing/service teams to execute various functions both at customer sites and manufacturing facilities globally.


Key attributes:

  • 18 issued patents (US & International)

  • Pre-Product Research & Development

  • Multi-Generational Technology & Product Planning

  • Services Productivity & Customer Relationship Management

  • FMEA & RCA Risk Mitigation

  • Led Large Engineering & Services Teams

  • Industrial Facilities & Lab Construction

  • Formerly a Certified Welder by 100% X-Ray in All-Positions on Super

  • Super alloys and all other common materials

  • Welding & Fabrication of Super Alloys

  • Multi-Site & Global Operations Management

  • Led Large Engineering and Services Teams

  • New Product Development & Industrialization

  • Engineering & Manufacturing Processes

  • Talent Acquisition & Development

  • Organization Gap Analysis & Team Start-Up

  • ST Open, Clean, Close & General Inspections

  • Graduate of Stanford’s Executive Design School

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