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Welding & Technical Services, Inc.

Larry Grycko

Larry Grycko

25 Years with General Electric Co. in Power Services & Gas Turbine Manufacturing

Extensive experience in Nuclear and Fossil Power Plant construction and maintenance planning, repair drawing preparation (fluent in AutoSketch), welding research and development, welder training, welder performance qualification and production supervision, procedure development and writing, cost estimating, scheduling and man loading, including turbine rotor’s, pipe and valves and structural steel, manual and remote-semi-automatic GTAW, SAW, SMAW, MIG/FCAW and other processes. Familiar with ASME BPVC Sec IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications, AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Welding Code, D1.3 Sheet Steel Welding Code and D3.6 Underwater Welding Code. Very familiar with operating, programming, and troubleshooting AMET GTAW/SAW systems as well as Arc Machines Inc GTAW remote welding systems. Expert in extreme narrow groove weld prep and equipment design.

Key attributes:

  • Quoted, planned and supervised all rotor welding for GE.

  • Supervised the repair of 159 turbine & generator rotor welds: (35 wheel buildups, 172 forgings attached, 114 seals, 11 stub shafts, 11 thrust faces, 12 heat lathes)

  • Led the rotor repair welding facility move Chicago to Schenectady

  • Under my leadership the rework free rotor welding run continues to 90+ rotors and 10 years.

  • Created and maintain welder qualification certifications for GE Power Services business.

  • Led the development and execution of the first ever L0 FineLine forging repair (7.5” deep extreme narrow grove), on budget and schedule with excellent results.

  • Prepared the purchase specification, planned and supervised the installation and operation of the new custom-built turbine rotor weld station with 200 ton by 40ft capacity.

  • Planned and supervised 24” long through wall (5” thick) crack repair of HP upper inner shell. Machine and grind double bevel full pen weld prep, weld, NDE, PWHT, final machine, NDE.

  • Improved a 20-30% rotor welding rework problem in early 2000’s timeframe

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