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Krystal Coltrane

Training & Media Consultant

President & Owner 

Krystal Clear Technologies, LLC

Krystal Coltrane

Extensive experience in developing and producing training and marketing videos, courses, and other media for the power generation industry and other technical fields.  Expertise in photography, videography, graphic design, and social media. Working knowledge of gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, design, repair, and maintenance.


Key Attributes:

  • Produced over 80 training videos for GE Outage Engineering covering gas turbine, steam turbine, and generator open/clean/close

  • Produced over 100 training videos for GE On-site Services covering all aspects of their repair business including welding, machining, safety, project management and other subjects as related to repair of turbines and generators.

  • Produced 4 training classes for GE Energy Learning Center.

  • Produced 5 marketing videos for GE Energy and GE Digital Youtube site.

  • Documented and videographed the construction of GE GTOS Facility in Greenville, SC including the assembly of an F-type gas turbine.

  • BS Communication and Information Design SUNY Institute of Technology

  • MS level courses in Information Design Technology SUNY Institute of Technology

  • Introduction to Design Thinking – GE

  • Steam Turbine Design/Maintenance – GE

  • Gas Turbine Design/Maintenance – GE

  • Generator Design/Maintenance – GE

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