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Turley Consulting, LLC.

Paul Turley

​Paul Turley

  • Manager Turbine Generator repairs. Charlotte, Nc

  • Manager Mechanical repairs Charlotte, Nc

  • Manager Turbine repairs. Atlanta, Ga

  • Manager Steam-Gas turbine rotor repairs. Houston, Tx

  • Valve & Stationary steam turbine component repair leader

  • Nuclear steam turbine repair leader

  • Rotating steam turbine repair leader

Paul has over 39 years of experience in the repairs of turbines, generators and balance of plant equipment for all major OEM designs. Paul started his career as field machinist working on steam turbines for QPI (GE subsidiary). Paul then moved to General Electric repair shop as a machinist. Afterwards he spent  two years on the GE technical repair leadership program. Later Paul accepted the role of  Manager Turbine Generator Repairs in the GE Charlotte shop and subsequently at the GE Atlanta shop. Paul took a role with Preco Turbine Services in Houston as a Repair Manager for Gas and Steam turbines supporting all OEMs. GE purchased Preco Services reunited Paul with the GE family. Soon after he took a position as The Productivity Leader developing steam turbine repair methods.


  • Repair Solutions – finding methods of repair for the one time or emergent repairs

  • Machining  –  expert in all types including turning, milling, CNC, rotor dovetail & body machining, shell, valves and stationary components

  • Steam turbine Bucket/Blade replacement and general repairs

  • Low speed balance

  • Diaphragm/stationary blade manufacturing and repairs

  • Developed the use of portable coordinate measure machine ”CMM” to perform inspections of turbine components.

  • Developed stationary component repairs. Adapted the component manufacturing weld methods to the stationary turbine component repair methods.

  • Project manager Fukushima nuclear rotor outage. 8 rows of buckets and 8 diaphragm change out

  • Project manager Catawba Nuclear – Removal of 1200 buckets/blades and machine repair dovetails, Machine buckets/blades and reinstall within 40 day outage

  • Winyah Station conversion. Converted inlet nozzle design from 90 degree to 180 degree arc which consist of welding the inner casing with 1100 Lbs. of filler wire. All welding was performed using hand held sub-arc method.

  • Project manager shell weld repair BBE Zierbena, Spain. Weld repair and machining of the outage shell.

  • Developed the pre-machining of bucket covers/shrouds. Machine conical covers/shrouds before attaching to rotor to reduce final machining

Key attributes:

  • Automotive technical training 1979

  • Diaphragm /stationary repair 1985

  • Bucket / blade repair 1986

  • Rotor low speed balance 1990

  • GE Technical leadership program 1990-1992

  • Advanced Bucket repairs 1991

  • Generator field rewind 1992

  • Generator Stator rewind 1992

  • Piedmont community College Drafting 1991

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